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We can visit your location when convenient and conduct an in-home survey for moves of 3 bedrooms or larger.

It is said that moving to a new house can be one of life’s most stressful events. And it’s not hard to imagine why.

Standard Container Removals VS Self-Pack Containers

When you hire Careful Hands for your container removals, our skilled team will come to your home and
carry and securely pack your boxes, furniture, and other items into the moving container, one by one, on
the day of your move. They then unload them from the truck at your new location. But with a Careful Hands Self-Pack Container, the power is put back in your hands and allows you to take total control of when and how your belongings are packed and transported to your new home.

Simple Moving Process with Self-Pack Containers

  • Step 1: We bring the container to you and place it in a safe and easy to access location.
  • Step 2: Pack your belongings, securing them with the provided moving blankets and straps.
  • Step 3: The container is picked up, transported, and carefully delivered to your new location.
  • Step 4: Simply unpack your container at your own pace in whichever way you choose.
  • Step 5: Sit back and settle into your new home while we remove the container and take it away.

Yep, it really is that easy.

Self-Packing containers in Melbourne

Advantages of a Careful Hands Self-Pack Containers

self-packing containers

More Control Over The Moving Process

It can be hard to decide what to take and what to leave behind. A Careful Hands SelfPack Container allows you to easily visualise your move and take an opportunity for that final sorting.

Pack your items at Your Own Pace

When you have a lot of items to relocate and a lot of decisions to make about what to bring, being pushed for time can put immense pressure on you physically and emotionally.

House Furniture Removals

We offer professional and reliable residential moves in Melbourne from studio apartments to 4+ bedroom homes. Our highly-trained and skilled removalists go above and beyond, ensuring that all of your valuable items arrive safe and sound. We make moving house a stress-free process.
When you choose a Careful Hands Self-Pack Container you will get all the time you need, and you
can rest assured your belongings will be safe from the elements throughout the packing process.

Peace of Mind

If you’re moving fragile, valuable, or sentimental items its natural to be concerned
about security. We provide all necessary blankets and straps with plenty of tie-down points, so when you pack your items you can easily secure them to your personal satisfaction. When you move with Careful Hands Movers you can be sure your belongings will arrive at your new location in the same way in which you packed them.

Value for Money

Careful Hands Self-Pack Containers are a budget-friendly alternative to traditional removalist services. By packing your own Careful Hands Self-Pack Container, you can enjoy significant savings on your next move. Although traditional moving will suit many situations, a Careful Hands Self-Packing Container offer
additional benefits.

Interstate Container Removals

Interstate Removals Container

Wide range of container sizes

Interstate container removals are fast becoming a popular choice for long-distance relocation and with Careful Hands extensive industry knowledge and highly skilled workforce you can be confident that your interstate move is carried out as smoothly as possible.

Flexible Interstate Moving Option

Because a successful interstate relocation can be dependent on so many different factors, things can change, and not everything will always go to plan. But be rest assured, in these situations, we will always do our very best to accommodate your individual needs and work with you to overcome any potential challenges.

We Have The Right Moving Solution For You

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, easy, and stress-free solution to your local or interstate removal queries, then a Careful Hands Container is a great choice for you.  Get A Quote Now for your Careful Hands Self-Pack Containers today.

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