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We can visit your location when convenient and conduct an in-home survey for moves of 3 bedrooms or larger.

Are you looking to transport your furniture interstate at an affordable cost safely? If your moving dates are flex and might not require a full truckload, consider our backloading removals services.

What is Backloading?

You may have heard the term “backloading” when you have been researching for removalists. When trucks have completed a long-distance removal job, the empty trucks need to be driven back. When this happens, we like to put our trucks to use and let our customers take advantage of the available space on board. This is called backloading. When you choose to backload, you are only paying for space, your items will take on the board of the truck, and you will only be paying for a one-way trip instead of a return. At times, your items will share a truck with other customers' belongings. In this case, our backloading removals company will organise and label every item in the truck, which will then be added to our custom inventory that is regularly checked and updated as needed. This eliminates any chance of a mix-up or confusion.

Backloading is a Good Option

Our moving company specialises in interstate furniture removals. We know by experience the stress, worry, and expenses that an interstate move can involve. Because of that, we have always endeavored to alleviate that burden on our customers wherever possible. Here are some advantages of backloading:
  • Low-cost alternative to a traditional removalist.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Perfect if you don’t require a full truck worth of space.
  • Same 5-star service from the Careful Hands Movers team.
When it comes to the logistics and experience needed to complete a stress-free interstate move, Careful Hands Movers are among the most trusted names in the business. So even if you choose to backload over a traditional move, you know you’ll get the same knowledge and expertise in interstate removals that Careful Hands Movers are known and respected for. As we are considered an essential service, our trucks are allowed to cross state borders; this means that there will be no hold-ups or confusion due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Our professional team makes sure we have the latest updates and information regarding state borders, so there will be no surprises on the moving day.

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