Moving To-Do List

Have you ever been in a situation where you were moving from one place to another and didn’t know what to do? Moving can be very hectic. Moving To-Do Lists are a great way for anyone relocating their belongings to remember things they need to do.

Residential And Commercial Moves
Moving to a new home or business should never be an overwhelming experience. That’s why Careful Hands Movers has put together moving checklists and moving tips that will make the moving process as easy as possible! There are many things to remember when you’re packing up your entire life from one place to another – but don’t stress! We’ve got some helpful hints on what NOT TO DO during a move: Don’t throw away receipts, packaging materials or other paperwork until after the move is completed. If they do not fit into your new home, keep appliance boxes – these often come in handy later down the line with appliances being moved around or rearranged. Moving is a time when things get broken or lost easily, so make sure you have all of your belongings safely wrapped and packed before they head out the door.

Change Address
You should change the current address to a new address so that mail can be forwarded to your new place. It would also help let friends and family know of the address change, so they don’t send you a package at an old location that is no longer valid.

Tossing Moving Boxes
You have just finished packing all those moving boxes for your move – but please do not toss them! They may seem like simple pieces of cardboard now, but if you keep these boxes around, they will come in handy down the line with rearranging or getting rid of things after unpacking everything from the move. These are quick and easy storage spaces when needed most – trust us on this one.

Pack Un-necessary Things
It would help if you packed all the things which you will not need for a while or that you know are time-consuming to unpack. Moving is already difficult enough, so why make it more challenging by having items that take up space and make the process longer? You can always come back later on if needed – there’s no rush!

Remember To Take Pictures Of Your Belongings Before Moving Day
Packing everything into boxes, loading them onto trucks, driving away from your old home… this all sounds very familiar because we have done it many times before ourselves at Careful Hands Movers. We hate to break it to you, but moving day does happen without any hiccups every single time – things get broken just as often as they don’t.

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